Frequently asked questions

Will my cable work upon arrival?

 Yes, of course! All of our cables are tested in various ways to ensure they're working properly. If a cable is dysfunctional out of its packaging, please contact us immediately and we can sort things out. 

 Where do you ship to?

We can ship anywhere. When completing an order you will be prompted about the appropriate shipping options. Just remember that international orders may have additional fees, taxes, or duties associated with them. For any other questions regarding shipping or custom quotes just give us a shout.

How long are your cables?

We recommend keeping the total  length under 16 feet, because anything longer can create issues with power transmission or cause it to underperform. There are a few things to consider when deciding length of your cable such as LEDs or its power usage. If your keyboard has many LEDs or significant power draw we recommend lowering the length of your cable.
Few examples of high powered keyboards:
  • HKKB
  • Massdrop's CTRL/ALT/SHFT
  • Input Type's K-Type

What are the cables made of?


We use a 28/28awg, four-core, double-shielded cable, layered with a PVC jacket. The double-shielding is useful against electromagnetic radiation.


The paracord is a type III nylon 550 cord. While not only nice to handle, the paracord has a high durability.  View our color chart.


We offer both MDPC-X and Techflex PET® as a double sleeve option, because they add not only style but durability too. Difference between the both of them is that MDPC-X is more tightly woven(will cover the majority of the paracord), so we recommended using matching colors with your paracord choice. Techflex is a looser weave, so this will reveal more of the underlying color. View our color chart.


The heatshrink is our way of securing not only the connections, but also the meeting between the cable and the end connector. The heatshrink we use is Shrinkflex and is made of polyolefin that shrinks at a 3:1 ratio. This might also be an extra color accent to your cable. View our color chart.


We use a variety of connections depending on your setup or even for an accent to your cable. The colored options we offer are also quite limited and will try to be as in stock as possible.  If you're in search for a specific colored connector that we don't offer, please Contact Us. We offer different push-pull center connections such as:
  • YC8 - A slim push-pull
  • GX 12/16 aviators - A screw on connector
  • LEMO/FEMO - As a premium push-pull option
  • Weipu SA10/SA12 - A premium option but more on the blocky style.

Below well show our USB connection offerings and their uses


Can you customize your coil?

We offer a variety of different style options to choose from when ordering your coil orientation. Take a look below.