Mizu Theme [GX16]

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Perfect for your Mizu Keycaps!

Get yourself matching cable for your Mizu keycap set. With a simple combination between a few colors, we think this would match your keycap very well! Just be sure to choose the sizes and connectors you'll need. Each cable will have the option of a device and host side connection(example: USB-A to a PC). If coiled we have all of our coils are reversed coil baked, then frozen to ensure a springy cable.
Note: This cable is made-to-order, meaning that the cable will be made from scratch to your liking. Lead times will apply.


This cable will be made using, Light Blue Paracord, White Techflex, White GX16, Black Heatshrink, and your choices of other custom options(coil orientation, USB connections, and lengths).

Thinking you might need something a bit more custom? We got you covered, take a look here!
If you have any addition questions be sure to check our FAQ as this may answer your questions, otherwise you can always Contact Us.

Cable Orientation

Your cable can be built to your choice of arrangement below. If you are in need or something more specific/custom feel free to describe and let us know.